"These days, there are Spa treatments available in nearly every town.   You could go anywhere!  So why go to the M Spa?  What makes them different?  The people do.  I have been going to the M Spa for 17 years now, and I do it because of the personal attention I get that makes me feel as if I am the spa’s only client!

My first experience I wanted to find out if anything could be done about the “worry lines” between my brows which I had had for years.  I was tired of looking like I was angry all the time, although I was actually only concentrating.  It was then that I learned about Botox.  The initial work and its results were so amazing, that I wanted to continue. 

Over time, becoming more familiar with my skin, my particular facial quirks and features, a routine was developed for me personally.  It has had the effect of creating a higher level of confidence in me which is truly inspiring."

- Kelly R.