“I grew up at the beach, and also grew up in the era of baby oil and iodine spray to enhance my tan; two horrible combinations that I now am paying the price for.  When I came to the M spa I immediately felt like my concerns along with my years of sun damage were going to be addressed.  From the minute I called the spa, all of my preliminary questions were answered and I was able to set up a consultation with the appropriate provider.  During my complimentary consultation, I first met with one of their Medical Aestheticians who was able to look in depth at my skin with their state of the art Visia Machine.  After I met with the aesthetician, a M spa laser RN came in to finish up my consultation.  She was able to give me more treatment options; from starting out conservatively to going right into the more aggressive treatments, complete with time frame and costs.  After getting on a skin care regimen suited for me and going through a series of AFT treatments, my sun damage has disappeared!  I now have my glowing skin back to its “naked” form free of spots and irregularities!  I also have found a home for all of my skin care needs here at the M Spa and Laser Center.”

Pam P.