What is Soprano Xli Laser and what is it used for?

The Soprano Xli laser is used for removal of unwanted hair.  It is suitable for all skin types and nearly any part of the body can be treated safely, including the face, lip, neck, legs, arms, bikini, underarms, back, and stomach.  There are a number of factors that can affect the success of a series of hair removal treatments, but generally, after each treatment, you’ll see a noticeable, permanent reduction in the number of hairs that regrow in the treatment area.

How long is each treatment?  How many treatments will I need?

The length of the session depends on the area being treated.  Typically, most areas require approximately six treatments to permanently reduce the number of re-growing hairs by more than 80%.  The number of treatments required depends on multiple factors – hair thickness, the area treated, and your hair’s growth cycle.

Is Soprano Xli Laser Hair Removal painful?

This hair removal treatment is generally pain free.

What can I expect before treatment?

You will need to shave the area to be treated the night before or the morning of the scheduled appointment – it is that easy.

What can I expect after treatment?

There is no downtime or recovery time after each treatment.  You can have treatment and immediately return to normal activities.

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