“Doing Laser Hair Removal at the M Spa has been an amazing experience that I cannot say enough about!  This is one of the most rewarding treatments.  Permanently removing my hair in the most unwanted areas of my body has given me immeasurable freedom and confidence.  The treatment is quick, painless and not to mention the Certified Lasers Nurses show integrity, intelligence and compassion…it all makes this treatment a piece of cake!” 

- Jen P.

“No one tells you that when you grow up you’re going to have to deal with chin hair!  Coming to the M Spa with this concern was a little embarrassing but once I sat down with the Laser Nurse I immediately felt comfortable and at ease.  She explained to me why this happens and that it is a completely natural process with most women as we age.  She also told me I was lucky to have come in before my hairs had turned gray!  Having this treatment has made the world of difference for me, knowing that they are gone once and for all!!”

-Gloria J.